How do you meet all of Google’s requirements for SEO?

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Positioning involves a series of actions, called stages in the SEO community, that are meant to ultimately bring a website to the top of the search results. However, this is not a simple, quick and risk-free task. Google, when designing its algorithm, gives a number of different requirements that are very difficult to meet, mainly due to the fact that all the real guidelines are kept secret. The secret is so protected that it is not known even to the best interactive agencies. 

Of course, there are agencies on the market that have come very close to knowing the techniques that allow you to live Google-compliant, e.g. International SEO company iCEA Group, or SEO Austin agency operating primarily in the American SEO market. These agencies, however, needed many years of experience to do so, which is why they provide the best services to their clients today.  So find out how to position websites and what details you should pay attention to.

Positioning according to Google

Google is a real giant when it comes to content search on the Internet. It owns virtually every page available on the Internet, giving Internet users the ability to find answers to virtually any question imaginable. What matters for the tycoon from Mountain View is the compatibility of the actual content of the website with the selected key phrases. And so an Internet user typing in, for example, the phrase “how to take care of your hair” will get in the first results tutorials on that very issue. The situation is similar in the case of photos, which should be consistent with alt attributes and the content of a given subpage. The point is that in order for a website to be placed in a visible position under a given phrase, a number of actions have to be performed, which are taken care of by positioning teams. International SEO company iCEA has no problems with this, they have their methods and proven techniques, it just works. However, working with a beginner team, the results may vary. We can meet with a good positioning for phrases also in the case of SEO Spain agencies. SEO Spain is growing slowly, but with satisfactory results, so we know that among SEO Spain agencies we can look for cases of really effective building of brand visibility for relatively little money. SEO Austin agency, however, prefers a meticulous approach to building marketing strategies and campaigns using Google AdWords and other virtual banner creation tools. Everyone has their work-flow, you can’t be perfect at everything

Parameters that influence the visibility of your website

Any SEO agency with the right experience and teams of top professionals in the industry can meet virtually all Google requirements, but the effectiveness mainly depends on the scope of work. Fresh sites require the full scope of implementation, while sites with a good history in Google may only require minor changes in a specific area.

Among many parameters influencing the visibility of a website in Google international SEO company iCEA mentions the speed of the website, the intuitiveness of the interface, as well as the readability of fonts or UI and UX compatibility. It is worth it that the chosen website is fully adapted to the recipient and meets all his requirements. This is the only way to reduce the bounce rate, which informs Google’s algorithm that an Internet user has abandoned a given page.

Google focuses on consistency and relevance.

SEO Austin agency points out – Google’s search engine is one of the most popular sites in the entire world, so it’s definitely worth being found in its results. The algorithm, despite its secrecy and lack of substantive guidance from Google itself, effectively evaluates the entire page in terms of its usefulness and gives it a Page Rank, according to which the page’s position under a selected key phrase is determined. For a modern company a high position obtained through SEO actions is a basic marketing activity in e-commerce.

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  • Joe McKey 22.07.2022

    Meeting all of Google’s requirements is nearly impossible. Even an SEO agency has considerable problems with this algorithm, so what chance do we have working alone? SEO specialists, however, have the advantage of teamwork and detailed analytics that we probably won’t be able to do. The SEO agency, with each passing day, is also getting closer to a better understanding of the next updates introduced by Google. Overall, the point is that we won’t be able to carry out so many activities simultaneously, and if only for this reason, the support of an SEO agency, is something we should consider.