No one wants to work there! Introducing the world’s least desirable professions

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No job is dishonorable, which does not mean that all professions enjoy the same reputation and popularity. There are professions and industries where employees earn a lot, have a safe working environment and physically unburdensome tasks. 

On the other hand, however, there are professions where the work is not pleasant and often involves being in dangerous and arduous conditions and performing tasks that are disgusting to say the least. Here are some examples of professions you wouldn’t want to work in.

Sewer cleaner

We pass sewer manholes on the streets every day. However, it does not occur to any of us that there is someone who regularly opens them and cleans their insides. Such a profession is called a sewer cleaner or sewer cleaner. His tasks include not only cleaning manholes with the help of a suction and flushing truck, but also minor repair work, inspecting the condition of manholes and sewers, and monitoring gas concentrations. It’s definitely a job where you sometimes have to get dirty and there’s no question of nice smells.

Garbage collector

Many people when asked “what profession would you never want to work in?” the most common answer is – garbage collection. Garbage collectors do not have an easy life, although they do a job that is extremely important for the proper functioning of the city and for the environment. Bad smells and contact with waste are the main factors that discourage people from working in this profession. It is also worth remembering that this is a physically demanding and thankless job due to the lack of respect and recognition from the public.

Crime scene cleaner

We often see detectives and FBI agents visiting blood-soaked crime scenes on TV shows. Rarely, however, do we see what happens at these sites afterwards. If you’ve ever wondered who cleans up the scenes of murders and assaults, you need to know that in many countries a special team of cleaners does it.

Their horrifying and nauseating work involves removing blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious materials, usually at locations where violent crimes have been committed. These professionals also clean up after accidents, suicides and deaths of lonely people.


Working in a funeral home for any position seems mentally and emotionally taxing. However, perhaps the most demanding is the occupation of a thanatos cosmetologist (embalmer), which is the person who takes care of the deceased’s remains last. The tasks of such a worker include washing, dressing and securing the body, and sometimes applying posthumous makeup. This is definitely a job for people with strong nerves.


Telemarketers earnings are closely related to the real effects of the calls made – it means that you can call people all day long and end up earning nothing above the basic salary, which is rather low. If that wasn’t enough, it is worth adding that conditions in call centers are tough – management sets almost absurdly high requirements and exploits employees to the maximum.

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