Catalogs, brochures, leaflets – is it worth taking them to trade fairs?

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An industry trade show is a great opportunity to present your company and reach a wider audience that may potentially be interested in your brand. However, it is worth remembering that you need to prepare properly for such an event. But what to take with you to the fair and are catalogs, brochures or leaflets a good idea? Find out!

Why is it worth participating in trade fairs?

Participation in the trade fair is a unique opportunity for your company. Thanks to them you can present your brand and its offer and show yourself to a specialized group of recipients. In such places you can find new customers and contractors, which is why it is undoubtedly worth becoming an exhibitor at the fair. Remember also that your company’s strategy at the trade show should be primarily concerned with long-term goals. Direct selling of products and services to trade show attendees is therefore just an add-on, which is supposed to contribute to a sustained increase in sales, for example.

How to design a trade fair stand?

A trade show booth is extremely important because it is a kind of command center for your company. So it is very important that it is designed sensibly, so that it is both functional and aesthetically associated with your brand. So how to design such a stand? The construction of the trade fair stand must be adapted to the tasks set before the team. It is important that there is space for conversations with interested customers and potential clients. Also, take care of the advertising space to increase brand awareness among the audience

Moreover, if you want to present a new product or service at the trade show, then make sure you also have a well-displayed space for this purpose. Try also to have product catalogs at your stand. Both sewn and glued catalogs will work great.

Advantages of flyers, brochures and catalogs

When building a trade show stand, you cannot forget about various types of flyers and brochures. But why should you take them with you? First of all, because it is a great form of advertising, which can effectively attract the eye and interest the recipient, at a low cost. In addition, flyers and brochures can also have an informative function and, for example, tell about your company and its offerings, which is sure to work brilliantly at trade shows.

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