Take care of your professional email address. Read how to do it

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An email address is the most basic element of your online identity. It allows you to exchange messages with anyone you want, create accounts on various sites or applications, receive newsletters and notifications from interesting sources, etc.

It is common to find users who have trendy or very creative email addresses, or ones that were created during their school or college days. Using email addresses such as [email protected] or [email protected] is not a good idea when talking about professional and official matters. Whether you are looking for a job, running a business or building your brand, you need to have a professional email address.

Tips for creating a professional email address

Earn respect with a trustworthy domain name

A professional email address that is consistent with your brand and uses the same domain name as your website or store builds trust and brand awareness. Let’s compare: [email protected] and [email protected]. It is likely that the offer from the second email will be more attractive and inspire more trust in the recipient.

Although we are all used to Gmail or Outlook domain addresses, they lack originality. These are free services, so anyone can create an email in them and impersonate an employee of some company. To stand out and convince customers, you need a one-of-a-kind domain that matches your company or personal brand name.

Don’t use nicknames

All nicknames, nicknames and diminutives are inappropriate for your corporate email address. You can use them in private mail, but in professional mail it looks frivolous and does not inspire confidence. It also reflects badly on your reliability – because how can you take on a business relationship with someone who uses the email kitten15@ in business. Your name is always the best idea for professional mail.

Avoid numbers

In a general email service without a personalized domain, you have to expect that many addresses are already taken. If you have a popular first and last name, the system will offer you variants with numbers or special characters, such as annakowalska2022@ or anna_kowalska_2022@.

This is not good for your professional image, because such addresses look unreliable and are difficult to remember. What’s more, special characters and numbers in an email can trigger anti-spam systems and your message will not reach the recipient. Fortunately, using a unique domain will solve this problem.

Choose an address that is easy to pronounce and remember

Remember that in business you will often have to read your email address out loud, so make sure it is easy and doesn’t require much explanation. Moreover, consider that nowadays more and more people are using email on mobile devices. Your address should be simple enough to be written quickly and without errors.

Why do you need a professional email?

A professional email sets the right tone for your communication with customers and is an important part of your image. A properly chosen email address accomplishes the following tasks:

  • ensures brand recognition;
  • separates business and personal correspondence;
  • creates a unified style of communication;
  • builds a system of contacts, internal statistics;
  • reduces the likelihood of emails getting into spam;
  • increases customer confidence.

main photo: unsplash.com/Brett Jordan

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