Find out why you should create a chill room for your employees

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At work everyone needs a moment to cool down, “air their heads”, take a break from intellectual effort and relax, at least for a few moments. This affects the quality of work and productivity of employees, as well as improving their comfort while in the office. The place to meet and spend breaks in the office is usually the canteen or a common space. However, this is not the best solution, because firstly – in such a place there is no entertainment, secondly, the hubbub can disturb people trying to eat their meal in peace. See why it is worth creating a chill room in your company

Relaxation zone

The term ‘chill room’ can be loosely explained in this way. Such a place is first of all a space created mainly for relaxation, therefore it should not lack comfortable furniture and a place to spend time. Loungers, hammocks and pouffes for sitting should be soft and provide the greatest possible comfort. The relaxation area should also be aesthetically pleasing, pleasing to the eye, so that the time spent there passes pleasantly. It can not in any way resemble the office, because it is to be an escape from work. To make chill room remind of luxurious vacations, there should be plants there, especially those purifying the air, for example horsetail, monstera, chamedora or different kinds of ferns. An additional attraction may be a coffee maker or a refrigerator with cold drinks. An obligatory element of a chill room is, of course, a TV set, and more and more often a game console appears among them

The value of rest for employees

Legally, every employee is entitled to at least 40 minutes of break time during an eight-hour workday. Constant intellectual or physical exertion causes the brain to function less and less well, getting more and more fatigued, making it not work as productively. To avoid mistakes at work, errors due to fatigue and absent-mindedness, it is important to provide employees with quality rest. This will not only make the break at work more appealing, but also more effective, making the return to work more enjoyable and easier. A refreshed mind and a rested body are essential for productivity throughout the workday. A break is also important for the spine, which is quite strained by many hours in front of the computer – changing the position and the seat can prevent back pain and headaches. A pouffe, while not providing the healthiest position for the spine, is comfortable and simply provides a different position, and any variety, even for a short time, is important and valuable for health

Summer terrace/outdoor chill room

On warmer days – from late spring to early fall, the chillroom can be outside. Fresh air is extremely important for the proper functioning of the body and mind. Bag pouffes will work great as an alternative to recliners in the chillout area in front of the office. It’s also a great way to cool off in the shade on hot days, and besides, it’s a well-known fact that a meal outdoors tastes better

A rest area or chillout area is a great convenience for employees to work in. A place where you can relax and have fun is more likely to be visited, so an office with a chill room will also be a more pleasant and friendly place to work. To make your employees perform better at work and feel better, make sure you have a chill room in your company

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