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Every good boss wants his team to have a good relationship with each other. The better your employees get along with each other, the better the company atmosphere – and the better the company atmosphere, the better the results. But how to properly integrate your team? And is it possible to do it remotely?

Survival school

A common survival lesson in the wilderness will bring many a team closer together. Difficult conditions will allow for natural bonding between employees, often in a much shorter time than it would take with a traditional integration event. Who knows, whether some of the survival lessons will not also be useful in everyday work? After all, contact with clients often presents your team with even greater challenges than those they could ever face in the wilderness

Before such a trip, however, it’s worth preparing properly. First and foremost, of course, you need to find a qualified instructor to take care of your employees for the duration of the trip. Equipments is also equally important, because a good survival gear significantly increases the comfort of such a trip. That is why it is worth looking into stores specializing in this subject, such as Militarje. You will find there tourist essentials, flashlights, knives and irreplaceable paracord bracelet (which will be a great souvenir of the employee integration).

Integration for the whole family

When organizing an integration meeting for your company’s employees, it is worth thinking about their families as well. This way you will show that you really care about your team and not only their performance. If you decide on such a solution, remember to make sure that such an event is interesting not only for adults, but also for the youngest participants of the event. Regardless of whether you decide on a bonfire, sports competition or a concert, hire an animator who will take care of organizing the children’s time. An interesting idea, which will appreciate almost every child, will be renting an inflatable playground or cotton candy machine.

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Healthy competition

Teamwork is a quick way to efficiently integrate your employees, so an interesting group activity will be sports events like paintball or laser tag. The advantage of laser tag over paintball is that the game is painless and therefore children can also participate. When the weather gets warm, paintball can be a more interesting option because many companies offer outdoor competition. Nevertheless, both solutions require strategic thinking and unusual tactics from the players, which will undoubtedly be reflected in the daily work of your team.

Helping brings you closer

Employee volunteering is a unique approach to the topic of integration. There’s no denying that this solution often requires devoting more time and effort than traditional integration events. Nevertheless, if you feel that joint action for the benefit of others is something that will bring your team closer, it is worth trying this form of group spending of time. Especially that it is associated with unique benefits that you will not get with other employee events. Volunteering allows you to feel pride in what the company represents, gives a deeper sense of common work and gives unspeakable satisfaction. For inspiration, check out local foundations and institutions that could use an extra pair of hands.

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Online integration

Just because you don’t meet in the office every day doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get to know each other better. Remote integration makes sense because it allows you to feel like part of a team. In addition, it is a nice break from everyday work alone with a computer. Often it is enough to play a game together on an Internet platform that allows you to have fun together. However, if you fancy something more unique, decide on a virtual escape room.

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