Working under your own name, brand name or a pseudonym?

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Freelancing is a very popular form of work nowadays, which gives a lot of convenience and freedom, and at the same time is profitable. It is also often the cornerstone of small businesses that are slowly growing. People who decide to work “on their own” have to face a difficult decision at the very beginning – what to call their company?

Under your own name

Growing a business under your own name is definitely the best option for senior professionals in any industry, from IT to marketing. Your company’s successes and achievements are inextricably associated with you, which helps build your personal brand. This is important if you care about your reputation and strong image, which increases your chances of attracting bigger clients.

A company by name also inspires more trust – the customer knows who is behind it and who is responsible for their orders. It is easier to recommend such a specialist or search for him on the Internet, although of course the condition here is a more original name. It may be difficult for Nowak or Kowalski to stand out from the competition. It is also worth thinking in a broader perspective – if you plan to expand your company in the future and create a team of several people, it will be a better choice to create a brand name from the very beginning and possibly include your name in it.

The downside of working under your own name is the lack of privacy. Your personal and professional self are actually one, and clients can also search the web for your non-business accounts and information about you. Another problem may be rebuilding your reputation after a potential slip-up – negative reviews will stick to your name, not your company name, which you can always change.

Under a pseudonym

A pseudonym is something that will undoubtedly work well in more artistic industries. Designers, graphic designers, tattoo artists, bloggers, etc. – such artists like to create under a pseudonym, which can sometimes also reflect the nature of their work or the style of their art. It is not uncommon for the names of such freelancers to also be publicly known, but it is nevertheless the pseudonym that forms the basis of the brand and its visual identity.

Working under a pseudonym can provide more privacy. It also helps more to distance yourself from image slip-ups. However, you need to think carefully about your choice of pseudonym and consistently build your brand around it. You also have to reckon with the fact that as a senior professional you won’t be taken seriously with a pseudonym – so think about whether this solution fits your industry.

Under the brand name

A name allows you to hide and detach yourself from the business, especially when you want to delegate work to others. You also don’t have to worry about a possible name change. By working as a freelancer under a brand name, you create an impression of greater reliability. You can thus create yourself as a small business with a team of several people, which creates more trust in many clients.

Like a nickname, a brand name must be well thought out – after all, you will be building your company’s image under it for years. It also needs to be original so that it stands out from the competition and is memorable. Coming up with such a name is not an easy task and requires a thorough research of the market on which you want to operate.

So you have three options – each has its pros and cons, and will work better for one industry or another. Therefore, when choosing a name, surname or nickname, you need to consider the specifics of your business first and foremost, as well as the competition in the industry.

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