Company mission statement. Is it important to the employee and how to communicate it to the employee?

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An employee’s understanding of the company’s mission translates into their commitment to work. How can you communicate it to new and existing employees?

Cascading the mission, or a clear image for an employee

Thanks to mission cascading, every employee in the company has a clear picture of how their work contributes to the company’s success. That is why it is so important that the decisions made by employees are in line with the company’s mission and purpose. Cascading makes every employee feel like an important part of the company, which has a positive impact on their work engagement.

Good communication within the company as a way to convey the company’s mission

Good communication within the company allows the mission of the company to be communicated to the employees. Communication should always be adjusted to the target group, e.g. posters or brochures are a great form of communicating mission to the lowest-level employees. It is worth creating a schedule of internal communication, thanks to which activities will be evenly distributed and will bring expected results.

Introducing new employees to the company mission

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New employees should receive a “starter pack”, which contains the most important information about the company’s mission, vision and goals. Every employee joining the company should receive a starter pack in paper and electronic form.

All employees in the company

Through internal communication, employees can better understand the company’s mission, vision and purpose. The most commonly used tools for internal communication are:

  • company blog,
  • central e-mails,
  • company newsletter,
  • employee forums,
  • competitions, e.g. art contests for employees’ children,
  • charity events, e.g. bone marrow donor day,
  • team building events,
  • social media,
  • video forms,
  • printed materials,
  • mobile applications.

The most effective tools in internal communication are central emails, company newsletter and video forms. Although according to the American research company McKinsey, only central emails are the most effective in internal communication.

How do you communicate the company’s mission to employees?

Peter Senge, management theorist, in one of his books puts forward the thesis that in order for employees to be engaged in their work, they should feel that they are co-creators of the mission of the company where they work. For this to happen, it is the employer who should implement:

Training and workshops

Seminars, workshops and trainings conducted at all levels of the company will help to familiarize employees with the company’s mission. During such meetings, employees can express their opinion about the daily life of the company, its future. By involving external trainers in this, the employee will have a positive perception of the mission of their company.

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Instead of slides and dry facts – dialogue

Instead of slides and giving dry facts it is worthwhile to conduct a dialogue with employees during trainings, mobilizing them to discuss the company’s mission and their own development in the company – e.g. in what position they see themselves in a few years. Skilful communication of the company’s mission in the “top-down” system may bring many benefits to employees.

Committee and employee forum

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Establishing an employee committee and forum is very important in communicating within the company. It allows employees to communicate their suggestions about the company to their employer and vice versa. An employee forum is where employee representatives share suggestions for change with the employer.

“Spielberg mission”, a way to put the company’s mission into practice

Company employees are divided into groups. Each group draws a film genre and an element from the company’s mission that will be the theme of a short video. They have several days to make the video. All videos are played at a team building event. The best production receives the company’s Academy Award.

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