Why is a community around a personal brand so important?

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Uniting users around a product can be the most winning promotional concept for a company – it doesn’t require a large budget and creates an ever-growing circle of loyal customers. The same is true for a personal brand. 

If you properly communicate your ideals and goals to your audience, they will do more to promote your brand out of gratitude than any advertising. We’ll talk about the advantages of a community of dedicated audiences in this article.

The role of community in marketing

Marketers use community to interact with their target audience. As a personal brand, you can create a platform for communicating with customers, where you talk about your product, share event reports, collect feedback, etc.

In addition, the community is a way to showcase your expertise. Just answer your audience’s questions and help them solve pressing problems. You can also publish useful tutorials and organize webinars to share your knowledge and experience.

Your community members are your support

A community of like-minded people is a resource that can work to your reputation’s advantage. Your loyal followers recommend you to potential clients and partners, give you invaluable feedback and help you reach new audiences. The most valuable thing is that they don’t expect anything in return. They simply share your passions and views, value the experience and appreciate the content you create. If you manage the community skillfully, they feel joy and pride in investing in your and your business development.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of a community?

The effectiveness of a group centered around a personal brand is evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • the size of the community and its growth rate;
  • participant activity – how many likes, reposts and comments your publications gain;
  • sharing outside the community;
  • conversion.

It is also worth noting a certain nuance, which is the name of the community – few reach this level of audience loyalty. Examples here include Ladies of Their Time (Ms. Time brand); Janina Seals (Janina Daily brand) or Wegang (Juszes brand). A specific name deepens the sense of belonging to one group, positively influences the perception of the company and helps to build a unique bond with and influence the audience.

Bet on the people!

Your community can read your blog, listen to your podcasts, comment on your YT channel, meet you for regular runs in the park or on the doorstep of your children’s school. It’s a group of people united by common values, interests and tasks, having regular communication within (between community members) and realizing themselves as a distinct group. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 people or 50,000, and it doesn’t matter what communication channel it uses. Any community can be effective and useful if you understand how to work with it.

main photo: unsplash.com/Brooke Cagle

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